The Trolley

Written by Patricia Grace

Illustrated by Kerry Gemmill

Published by Viking


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On Christmas Eve, a mother looks in her wallet and realises that she has no money to buy Christmas presents for her two children, Miria and Hoani. She comes up with a plan to build a trolley out of old bits and pieces she finds lying around her house. She worries that they won’t like it, however she need not worry as the kids are delighted when they wake up on Christmas morning. In fact the whole neighbourhood seems impressed when they tell Miria and Hoani that they’ve got a “neat trolley” and a “neat mum”. A heartwarming story, which sends the message that it’s ‘the thought that counts’. New Zealand themes can be seen throughout – pohutukawa trees, washing lines, fantails, flax kete and jandals can be seen in the colourful watercolour illustrations.

Summary written by Marion McKoy

Book cover used with permission of publisher