A Booming in the Night

Written by Ben Brown

Illustrated by Helen Taylor

Published by , 2005

ISBN: 978-0-14-350424-5

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Down in the swamp, late at night, Pukeko is disturbed by a great booming coming from the forest. A booming in the night tells the story of Pukeko’s quest to find Kakapo a friend, in order to stop his great ‘booming in the night’. Along the way the reader meets various New Zealand wildlife – Kotuku (the white heron), Little Frog, Tieke (the saddleback), Seal, Kiore (the rat) and Ruru (the morepork). Author Ben Brown cleverly attaches personality to each animal as the reader meets them. Illustrations by Helen Taylor show the wildlife and the landscape in bright water colours. As well as being a delightful story, this book teaches the reader about New Zealand wildlife in the swamp, the forest and the sea.