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The Waikato Picturebook Research Unit
The Waikato PictureBook Research Unit has the prime objective of researching and analysing the picture book form and exploring its pedagogical potentials.  Members of the unit will carry out collaborative research into picturebook pedagogical practice across the New Zealand Curriculum in primary and secondary classrooms, and within preservice and inservice teacher education.

The New Zealand Pacific Picturebook Collection
The New Zealand Pacific Picture Book Collection is a collection of 36 picture books nominated by nine librarians based in New Zealand with specific responsibility for providing library services for Pasifika communities in New Zealand. It was created in order to make the limited number of books representing Pasifika stories and knowledge easily accessible to classroom teachers, and to provide suggestions for classroom activities linked to the New Zealand curriculum in order to integrate this knowledge into New Zealand classrooms.

The European Picture Book Collection II
This project is a continuation of the original European Picture Book Collection (EPBC) which was created by European scholars and educators working in the field of children’s literature and teacher education. Through reading the visual narratives of at least one picture book from each member state, the first EPBC was devised to help both teachers and children to learn more about their European neighbours’ languages, literatures and cultures.

The Marantz Picturebook Collection for the Study of Picturebook Art
The Marantz Picturebook Collection for the Study of Picturebook Art in theReinberger Children’s Library Center was dedicated in December 2008. A gift from Ken and Sylvia Marantz, the collection represents their lifelong commitment to the study of picturebook art and its significance in children’s literature.  The collection, cataloged by illustrator, includes more than 25,000 picture books from the past 40 years, as well as posters, original artwork, and character toys, all of which are now artistically and functionally displayed in the new facility.

The International Centre for the Picture Book in Society

      The aims of the centre are:
      • To provide an international focus in the UK for the making and study of the picture book, defined in their broadest sense (children’s books, comics, hand-made books, ‘zines, educational books, e-books and graphic novels)
      • To promote a multi-cultural approach to engaging ‘society’ in its broadest terms with picture books, embracing minorities and socially disenfranchised people
      • To nurture new UK awareness of non-Anglophone picture book making, establishing a platform for showcasing picture books published across the globe.